€47,762.38 -8.08%
€3,602.60 -9.39%
Binance Coin
€521.78 -6.85%
€0.89 0.00%
€173.39 -5.92%
€1.38 -7.71%
€0.84 -8.89%
USD Coin
€0.88 -0.04%
€30.86 -11.49%
€0.18 -8.13%
€96.66 -8.41%
Shiba Inu
€0.00 -5.27% Coin
€0.63 -10.74%
€37.06 -2.08%
Wrapped Bitcoin
€48,018.91 -7.71%
€174.90 -10.78%
Binance USD
€0.88 -0.01%
€1.48 -9.45%
€21.39 -8.27%
Bitcoin Cash
€495.95 -9.56%
€1.43 -11.34%
€17.18 -9.12%
€0.88 +0.09%
Axie Infinity
€111.94 -9.03%
€0.30 -1.71%

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Welcome to the Bitcoin Up Official Website. This is your opportunity to be a part of a community like no other. Take a minute to read some of our investors reviews and their experience with Bitcoin Up.

Bitcoin Up Reviews

Mohammad L.
Joined on: 09/05/2021

Thanks <3

"With the help of Bitcoin Up, I got a lot of time, because the tool performs all the analyses on its own. And it also allows you not to miss when you need to make a transaction. I am very happy and I reccomend it."
Mike C.
Joined on: 18/04/2021

all good – no issues

"Bitcoin Up helped me to improve my profitability and make a large number of transactions that brought me excellent profit. In a couple of months, I was able to withdraw the money I earned without any problems."
Giovanna M.
Joined on: 04/05/2021


"It's a pity that I didn't know about trading softwares before. A friend suggested Bitcoin Up and said that it would help me not to lose my money anymore. So it is, I am very happy."
Nina P.
Joined on: 07/05/2021

Changed my outlook

"There is so much information about trading on the Internet. They really help in analysis and forecasting. simple and convenient."

As seen on

What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is automated trading technology that carried out automatic trades on the cryptocurrency market without a traders mediation. The technology is powered by a superior algorithm, combined with artificial intelligence to analyze large sums of data in record time and place a trade based on the findings. The technology assesses market conditions, trends and historical data to find the right conditions for opening or closing a trade. Bitcoin Up has a 80% success rate.

Apart from the automated trading feature, Bitcoin Up also allows traders the option to manual trade. This is specifically directed at expert traders. Traders can set their trading parameters, which includes stop-loss  limits, and deciding when to open and close trading sessions.

Is Bitcoin Up Legit?

Bitcoin Up is 100% legit and we’re very transparent about the technology. This is why the demo-trade feature allows traders to experience the technology before going live. We have also included some of new and experienced users reviews on this website, so you can read for yourself and make up your mind. Bitcoin Up has also partnered with regulated brokers to make sure your account is managed fairly. Trading systems who do not use regulated brokers are a cause for concern.

How Does Bitcoin Up Work?

The Bitcoin Up technology was created to rely on a sophisticated algorithm and artificial intelligence. The algorithm is considered to be one of the most superior on the market. It is able to read natural language, interpret data and make logical decisions based on that data. Another impressive feature is the algorithm’s ability to scan through data in mere seconds. What would take you weeks, the algorithm can do in seconds. This also allows Bitcoin Up to be one of the best automated trading technologies out there.

Getting You Started with Bitcoin Up

Opening up an account with Bitcoin Up is fairly easy. We’ll take you through the steps below:

  • Registration 

Registration with Bitcoin Up is absolutely free. All you need to do is complete our registration process. It is important that you complete the form accurately, so verification can be successful. After registering, a community manager will contact you to discuss further steps.

  • Make a deposit  

Bitcoin Up does not charge a registration fee, but you do need a mandatory minimum deposit of €250. This deposit will be used as a initial capital investment. You don’t have to worry about accumulating capital. We recommend that you only reinvest, once you make your first profit.

  • Demo-trade

The demo-trade feature is very significant. Most trading technologies do not offer a demo account. In fact, users will need to go straight into live trading. This is not always ideal, especially for new users with little to no crypto trading experience. The demo account is an exact replica of the live trading account and you will be able to place trades based on historical data. No funds are required to demo-trade.

  • Live trade

Once the new user is comfortable with the demo trading experience, they will now be able to move on to Live trading. All the investor needs to do is adjust the risk settings as instructed and click the live button. The technology conducts trades automatically. This means that you do not require any expertise to use it. However, we recommend that new and experienced investors spend at least 30 minutes on their accounts every day.

Advantages of Trading with the Bitcoin Up Technology

There are many benefits that come with trading on Bitcoin Up. This includes high profitability and an easy to use platform that is simple for investors to navigate. Most investors who have reviewed the technology have not had any prior trading experience. Traditional cryptocurrency trading can be complex and time-consuming, especially for inexperienced traders. Bitcoin Up provides new investors with a convenient and profitable way of trading Bitcoin. Withdrawals are simple and quick. Once a withdrawal is processed it takes no more than 48 hours for funds to reflect on the account. The technology also regards the investor’s safety and security as a top priority. If an investor encounters any problems they can contact the customer care helpline that is available 24/7.

Added Bitcoin Up Technology

Bitcoin Up is protected by an SSL certificate. This means that your personal and account information is protected by encryption. Once you decide to proceed to live trade, you will be able to configure the settings with the help of your account manager.

Further security measures include:

  • Setting a stop-loss limit: this is an important setting you must not neglect because it will offer you the option to prevent the trading system from using all the funds in your account. This means that it is possible to trade with a part of your total capital, for example, using a €250 to trade, when you have up to €900 in your account.
  • Setting Currency Pairs: It is important that you set your currency pairs. This will enable you to select the most profitable currency pairs online. This can also be done automatically, depending on your preferences.
  • Opening & Closing Trades: The Bitcoin Up algorithm runs 24hours. Therefore it is important that you decide when you will open and close your trades, since the algorithm is always at work.

Has Bitcoin Up Been Endorsed By Celebrities?

There have been claims that Bitcoin Up has been endorsed by international celebrities. We investigate each case where a celebrity has been link to Bitcoin Up or any other crypto trading application.

Does Gordon Ramsay Support Bitcoin Up?

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs in the world. The Multi-Michelin starred British chef, restaurateur, writer and television personality has a huge brand so his endorsement would give any product credibility. We scoured the net and YouTube to find out if he has endorsed Bitcoin Up unfortunately we did not find anything. So the rumours are false.

Does Peter Jones Endorse Bitcoin Up?

Peter Jones is a British businessman and reality TV star on the popular investment show Dragons Den and American TV show American Inventor. He has an estimated net worth close to $500 million, therefore if someone of his financial standing endorses an investment product, many people would also invest in it. We looked for incidence that Peter Jones has endorsed Bitcoin Up, however we did not find anything.

Does Elon Musk Endorse Bitcoin Up?

Elon Musk is the eccentric billionaire with three nationalities, South African, Canadian and American. He is the man behind Tesla and SpaceX. Tweets from Elon Musk affect the stock market, if he were to endorse Bitcoin Up it would be all over the news and the Bitcoin Up website would crash. We searched the internet for any valid evidence that Elon Musk endorsed Bitcoin Up, again we were unable to verify those claims.



Is Bitcoin Up Free?

While Bitcoin Up does not have any hidden costs, new users must make a minimum deposit of €250. This deposit acts as your first capital investment and will be used to perform your first trade. You can refund this anytime.

What Fees Can I Expect Using Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up does not charge any trading or commision-based fees. Any currency conversions will carry standard market exchange rates.

Is Bitcoin Up a Scam?

No. Bitcoin Up is completely safe and very transparent. Our user reviews and testimonials above attest to this. If required, Bitcoin Up uses regulated brokers to help optimise your portfolio.

How Do I Get The Most From Bitcoin Up?

While Bitcoin Up software is automated, we do recommend sparing at least 20 minutes a day on your account. This way, you will stay up-to-date with strategies and/or approvals required on your part.